Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life Changes

I am a terrible blogger I don't post as much as I should but I have two other blogs and two YouTube pages. I'm in the middle of trying to become elected for president of my club and Secretary for Student Government Association. If I get these leadership positions then I can get a scholarship to the college I want to transfer too. Were starting a whole new social media advertisement I think adding a YouTube video of events we do or important seminars.

I've got a whole new game plan and I think it'll work I just have to stay on track because if I do then I should be getting an average of 3.5-4.0 GPA a semester. I am at the moment getting my Associates Degree in Anthropology although I specifically want to study Archaeology. I plan to transfer and get my BS in Anthropology and BA in Dance with a double minor in Psychology and Zoology. The transfer plan is what I want however if I don't make the dance audition then I will major double in Psychology out of recommendation from my professor who still strongly urges me to add as a double with Anthropology interest. Hopefully they have Zoology as a minor if not then I will minor in Literature. So I'm doing everything I possibly can to prep for dance. If someone was to ask what I was willing to do for the rest of my life it would be exploration and discovery. I want to dance and sing for the sake of it not for fame, competitiveness, entertainment or as a career. Both are the most supreme way of how I can express my self an world that have decided to suppress myself from. My ultimate goal is to get my PhD in Paleontology and become famous worldwide to become someone who is written in the history books forever remembered for something extraordinary. That is why I'm doing the things I'm doing.

A new up date is that hopefully I can get another job that pays pretty well so I can find a new place to live. My friend Sammy and I are trying to get an apartment that benefits both of our job locations and my school location. This is not to difficult based on our locations however Zachary who is also a roommate his job is in Crofton which is by far no where near either of us and the only reason were having trouble with picking a location. So the question is do we look for a new location or new roommate? I really wanted to keep Zack as a roommate. I'm hoping things will workout in the end, I am hoping to get an estimate for how much monthly I have to pay so I can figure out how much I have to work this summer to pay off rent for next semester.

Wish Me Luck!!!!

Syd The Kid

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mr. Boraguard

I have a new project he is a Labrador with a recessive color gene known as Silver or Charcoal. His name is Bo and he is one year old. I have known him since he was 6 weeks old and as a puppy like most puppies he was terrible cute. Now he is growing up and although his head may not be the best he has a pretty nice body but he is on the heavy side of a Labrador...weighing in at 85lbs yeah I have my work cut out for me. For right now Lauren wanted my help on his behavior so were restarting his training all over again and who knows maybe if I think he is capable ,which I believe almost all dogs are with a good enough trainer/handler, I will put a CGC for grins and giggles and a CD title just because I think it would be neat...not that's it very difficult to obtain based on the competition out there. Ellie and I are still aiming to get our CDX title I just have to find the time to do both because getting over to Applewoods getting her and going somewhere that is sage but with a good amount of distractions is difficult within it self without having people breathe down my neck about taking her in the first place off of the property. Worrying whether or not she will be lost or killed as a result of me alone, I don't know about you but I'm a little offended by that. Oh well I don't care it isn't going to move me away from my goal of trying to be the best handler in the world and that's hopefully including other things besides Obedience.

ta ta for now

, Syd

P.S. here is bo when he was a puppy and now as a teen

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back In Action!

Hey Everyone! (I'm finally out of my slump)

So Ellie and I started our training for her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title. We started earlier this summer, I meant to keep up on my blog of all the things that have been happening this summer. The issue being my laptop was broken and by broken I mean dead and unusable so I had to go months without posting. I even tried to add it to my new phone which is a Droid 2 it still didn't work because I temporarily forgot my password. I will go into the details of my new phone later. Another cool thing that has happened I have transferred schools. I no longer go to Ferrum College thank goodness! I also have tons of things to tell you about my trip to Ireland in May I was there for most of the month. Lastly to talk about is my plan for this new puppy I plan on getting in a couple years.

So first things first let me tell you about my summer, it started off with me packing for my two and a half natural history course in Ireland that was taking starting in May. I will eventually get around to sending the link to the pictures so you all can see for yourselves haha. It was a 2 week course and the first two days we stayed on campus. Then we flew out the third day and as soon as we arrived we went right into touring. Much to the disappointment to the rest of the class. We were all very jet lagged and the time change hadn't set in yet. I loved it I took at least a whole notebook of notes and that's a lot especially for me haha. I talked to my biological father and he and I agreed after my visit in Japan he and I will go back to Ireland. The only difference is he is going for golf and I am going for research haha. Yes what a dweeb I am ^_^

Now onto my school as you know I have bitched and moaned and grumbled about Ferrum College and how much I despise going there. After last semester I finally was able to leave that horrid place and start anew at Howard Community College. Howard CC or HCC as we like to call it is the second best community college in the country and the first in the state. I changed my major to Archeology and minor to Philosophy I am considering Dance and Animal Sciences as an additional option. I'm not sure yet I really want to explore different things like Psychology or studying as many languages as possible. I am taking French as a hobby language, however I found out that French is the 2nd most used language in the world. So I can see blue skies in communication if I keep strict about it. I also want to learn Arabic and Latin they are one of the oldest languages that would be useful in my field. I say this because if I or we discover something with words that of an old language I can at least somewhat interpret haha.

Finally! Ellie and I are training for her CDX title we are working on her heeling she is so disgustingly wide also her fronts and finishes need to be ironed out as well. Her retrieve is getting better we are at 20-30ft at the moment. Margot, our coach and my boss, thinks Ellie and I are readying to go full distance for the drop on recall. I'm going to hope we can work a couple times before we go to the match. I was planning to work her today but to many things were going on so I didn't get the chance unfortunately. Although I'm not to worried Ellie and I aren't going in the ring to trial until Spring. Speaking of Spring Holly, Labrador, is another dog I am going to title but she is getting her CD title. It was supposed to be in the Fall but then it got pushed back till late Fall and early Winter. Now it looks like because of the way the trials are and when they are held we probably aren't going to get into the ring until Spring as well. I don't mind but changing twice before going in the ring will be tricky haha.

Well blog ya later!

Ellie(left) Holly(right)
, Syd

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why can't I care anymore?

"When I was a little girl, my mother would remind me each night before bed, to open up my heart to God, for He was kind, merciful, and just. Things changed when my father left a few years later, leaving her to raise me and my brothers in a place on the edge of the Mojave Desert. She never talked of a kind and merciful God again. Instead she spoke of a prophecy. Of a time when all the world would be covered in darkness and the fate of mankind would be decided. One night, I finally got the courage to ask my mother why God had changed, why He was so mad at His children. "I don't know," she said, tucking the covers around me, "I guess He just got tired of all the bullshit."" -Charlie, Legion

That quote has been rolling in my mind ever since I saw the movie, now keep in mind I saw this movie months ago and by months I mean September. For those who don't know that's the month I was born which should obviously imply that it's my birthday month. It is also the time I realized my ex boyfriend was a bullshiter and an egotistical wimp but who's dwelling on the past. This was also the time I realized I couldn't be a Veterinarian I only wanted it as a passion but I didn't have the smarts to fully understand it (or maybe I didn't study hard enough) I knew what I wanted and I knew what I would be good at and I knew that I couldn't just wish it and it be true. I didn't want to go to school I didn't want to read books for the rest of my life. I didn't want to have my parents or myself to pay thousands of dollars for me to learn how to do work. The end result for all of us is no matter how much schooling we do it all ends with us being in a way pencil pushers. I didn't want that I wanted to go on adventures and make discoveries in other countries, ha even invent things to better my findings and if it happened maybe help man kind although I doubt I would because sometimes I feel like they don't deserve to be better then any other species. What makes us so much better then the rest of the creatures out there. Then it occurred to me in one swift moment that I just didn't care about school or at least this one aka Ferrum College. It's like I've lost all interest in learning that's when I decided to be an Archeology major but it's hard to start when you don't have a blank slate. Part of me feels I should have taken a semester off but if I did none of the people I know now nor the things I've learned thus far would have happened. In a way I'm glad. To wrap it all up in a way the cause of my downfall has to do with the fact that well....I just got tired of all the bullshit

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CJ and the Waving Flag

I'm beyond excited for this new and short project, my friend Orlando just got a new 4 month old mutt. I say mutt because it's a mix breed although to be honest I prefer to call him a mutt I don't care how adorable he is :P. From what I've gathered he should be fun to train. Full of energy and curiosity I don't think I can say much for his intelligence like most puppies it's the size of a gnat right now. I'm getting my mom to pick up my training gear from Applewoods tomorrow morning and she is going to mail it to me so I can start CJs training as soon as possible. To be honest I would take him back and train him myself but he just wants pet dog training which I can give to him but the long and short of it is unfortunately it's only temporary. It's only puppy obedience training after it wasn't meant to last a long time haha.

The second topic of this article has to do with the fact that my motivational song is called Waving Flag by K'naan there is a specific part in the song that I favor "When I grow older I will be stronger, they'll call me Freedom just like the waving flag" it reminds me that I'll be great one day and be able to do what I will within society's ever straining rules.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It keeps coming back

A thought has recently occurred continuously in my head, only because I think it might work. It's about my education I honestly just find it infuriating how I know I'm bright and capable of great things. I just don't think it's meant to be on paper. I'm honestly a more hands on learner I enjoy research reading and physical or at least that's how I can truly grasp the meaning of what is being presented to me in class. However this doesn't always apply the most attention I pay in a class is oddly enough English and Philosophy. I'm not sure why but I just do. Now I bet your thinking Sydney GET TO THE POINT!

I'm contemplating just being home schooled can you do that in college or do I have to suck it up? I just want a college that will not only teach me about the different species on our planet but show them to us in person live so we truly grasp what is being taught. To me going to school I never really learned much unless I did it myself and tried to figure it out. To me school is like work you do it well or you do it terribly because I don't ever feel like I"m learning information just learning how to have good work ethic.

I still really want to transfer to Old Dominion University to better myself but at the same time I just want to travel and learn about the planet I live on...once that's over I'll move onto other planets :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dog Training Hooters Girl

Yes you read this correctly, I am indeed a Dog Trainer who just so happens to be a Hooters Girl. I find it quite amusing yet irritable at the same time when people are shocked I am a dog trainer at an actual professional dog training center. It's even more humorous to tell people what my second job is. It's because it's like you've been put on a pedestal, your not like everyone anymore  your well ha ha a Hooters Girl which is the restaurant equivalent to a Playboy bunny in all honesty I think.

Nonetheless, the irritating part is when you constantly have to make people understand the importance of obedience and obedience competitions for that matter. Hell, excuse my cursing, depending on the method you use training it self can be hard work and time consuming. So I would suggest you work on your time management and not complain about how you don't want to do 100 sits a day. People it really isn't hard do four sets of 25 and your done for the day. The second irritable thing is constantly defending yourself and trying to explain how Hooters isn't what people think it is we aren't sluts or mediocre prostitutes. We have training we have to do before they even send us out on the floor. We have to do things most don't and go the extra mile because unlike other restaurants we have to entertain and talk to our customers more then three times. We have to deal with things that most servers could probably retaliate on we can't. In order to defend ourselves we literally have to kill them with kindness, now how we present that is different I use sarcasm. JESUS PEOPLE OPEN YOUR MINDS!!! It's not all about big boobs skinny waists and ditsy girls supposedly willing to do anything for a tip that's called a strip club. We work hard to pretend to be happy and  love that you came to see us serve you and laugh at almost everything you say ^_^......-_- (not) but we do it anyway. It's a obligation when you apply you know what's expected of you so don't slack on your duties. I also don't like when people think were being objectified I don't think we are we have enough clothing where it only looks appealing to the eye and the mind stays in it's home called their skull. I personally think that it's their own self esteem issues I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to wear things most females wouldn't. Then again I just put on what I feel like wearing whatever the situation ha ha.

To finish off my rant towards people's ignorance, I am doing well in school so far this week is where I begin the hard ball. I made a few decisions last week that were appropriate at the time to act on. I say this because I put homework first before my play. Now that classes have officially started it's all about work before play, play comes on weekends only if that it all depends on how much I get done. Wish me luck!! :)